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Fri Aug 19, 2016 2:44 pm
Before You Start        

Step 1, was really step 2. Before you start you have to figure out how to mount the injectors.

Float bowl fuel feed - this is probably the easiest decision to make. Option 3 and 4 (instructions) are really the only options for the CVK-30's.

The IntelaJet has a vacuum operated fuel feed. Because of this the system will operate best if the fuel feeds are close to the same length.

Option 3 - Replaces the drain screw with a brass fitting. This is the cleanest and easiest option to install. the disadvantage is that the drain screw exits the float bowl a forward direction and to the right on both float bowls. What this means is that the fuel feed for both carb bodies will need to located in similar places.

Option 4 - Adds a fuel feed by tapping a hole in the bottom of the float bowl. This option should provide more options in the placement of the fuel feed for the carb body.

I've opt'd for Option 3 ... if it doesn't work out I'll move to Option 4.

Installation of the fuel feed - ok this is going to be a bit tricker, there's not a lot of room to mount these. the mount must be on the air intake side. the top and bottom of the air intake are used by the carburetor so they are not available. [img] https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1351905214836772&set=a.1351712094856084.1073741834.100000519207115&type=3&theater [/img]

Carb Bell Mouth Mounting - This mounting position isn't really an option as the frame sits directly over the air-boot - bell mouth. There is room for the fuel feed body under the frame but it would be difficult if not impossible to install the unit while the carb was installed.

Air Boot mounting - There is a lot of room for installation here. Just need to take the airbox out, install the fuel feed body pop the whole assembly back in and hook it up.

1st problem with this plan. None of the items that facilitate an air boot installation are included in the twin carb IntelaJet kit. Nylon lock nut, stability washer and cutting tool ... not included.

2nd problem with this plan. The fuel feed tube is too long and will actually not insert all the way without jamming against the opposite boot wall.

Need to make a call the Thunder Products. things that I learned on the call:
1. the system will work better the closer the fuel feed is to the slide.
2. the fuel feed tube length can be adjusted using a disk sander and care (this will be required).

The result is that I've decided to attempt to make the installation on the carb body forward of the bell mouth at the 3 O'Clock position. For both Carb bodies. I'm not entirely sure that there is room in between the carbs for the #1 carb. but a loose test fit indicates there might be. another potential issue with this position is that the path for both the fuel and air tubes is pretty tight. We'll see if it works.

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