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Sun Sep 18, 2016 11:29 pm
Little Mountain Climb 4000'        

Did a quick 80 mile run sea-level to 4200'

I'm reasonably pleased with performance but I've been running the IntelaJet much leaner than I would have thought I should. At about 3000' I had it turned to almost full lean. At 4000' it was fully lean.

I will say that the bike ran about 5MPH faster on the long up hill about 2500 - 4200' over 10 miles, than it has in the past with less throttle. I was using about 80% throttle vs the 100% that I'm used to using. I did experience some stumbles at full throttle until the control was set to full lean.

The down-hill back to sea-level I did return to a richer mixture and the bike ran fine. Not noticeable better or worse ... but down a 6% grade for 20ish miles. not a whole lot of room to check. I'll reserve judgement on if I'm happy or not when I get fuel later this week and check the milage.

Thursday I'm headed to the desert for a test rally. 2.5 days should give me a feel for how the bike will run long term.

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