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Wed May 10, 2017 10:50 pm
Maintenance so far....        

This bike sat for 10 years before I got it. Imported in 2007, and sat in a garage collecting dust ever since. Bought it without hearing it run. I gambled, based on the rarity.

So far;
Got the carbs off, broken down, and soaking in cleaner.
Valves adjusted - Shim under bucket, 16 of the suckers, and it's all really tough to get at. It's like someone took a 600cc supersport, and shrunk everything. Pain in the butt.
Leakdown test - 4%/5%/10%/4%. The one high cylinder is a little concerning, had leakage into the exhaust. My plan is to run her hard and hope it was just a bit of crustyness on the valves that didn't let it seal. #yolo
Oiled cylinders through spark plug hole after leakdown and turned over by hand.
New spark plugs, because I'm already there.

It's on hold while I wait on a new air filter, as the one it came with was some foam zip-tied together to sorta almost kinda make a filter. Has to come from Australia, nothing available domestically.
Then I'll replace all the rotten vacuum/fuel lines, fire it up, sync the carbs, and put it on the dyno! I can't wait!

Once it's running good, I'll worry about oil, tires, and fork seals. Unfortunately, this bike runs an 18" rear wheel, 140/60R18 is stock. Looks like Pirelli Sport Demons are my best choice in 18", unless I retrofit a 17" rear wheel from something else. I've got Bridgestone S20s on my ZZR250, which is what I really want on this bike... We shall see.

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