Who'll join me for a 2019 IBR - 250 class?
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Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:08 pm
Leon's bike !!! Caution Long speculative post !!!        

yes, well I need to mod it a bit. I hyper extended my left leg, a few years back, about 90 degrees. so I put on a lot of weight, lets just say the rider should not outweigh the bike shall we... so I have to mod myself and the bike.
It has mostly sat after the ignition toggle fried on a short ride. Not a good combination with the gas flowing out a hole in the tank. Tank is patched but still needs coated.
I think if i can find one in the bin of parts i have i will replace the stock ignition and key set up.
I plan to stretch the faring out a bit to get my legs out of the wind.
I have LED lights on a shelf to add too. Im thinking of relocating a duel battery set up into the stretched fairings, one on each side.
Also considering the belt drive conversion as i have 10,000M on my Harley without even one adjustment. Massively considering a Vetter faring kit, or somthing like it, but don't know if i can via IB rules. i'll drop them an email and see.
I also have a used uhaul truck with work benches and ramp to preposition at the check points or wherever to support any of the 250 clan that needs it. Having pre tired rims ready to go would be a great advantage, i think, a set of carbs or two as well. Perhaps a cot and mini fridge and portable hot tub JK. best case scenario we have Ian (Now wth ball and chain) as he is a merk for hire driving the truck.

but seriously what should be in the truck?

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