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Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:13 am
IBR 17 Prolog        

Having completed the the head change and completing a complete service on the bike. I spent the remainder of 2017 getting as much riding in as I could in the 2017 BMR. My work travel schedule has been particularly heavy in 2017 as a result I wasnít able to ride in May or most of June. Basically I arrived home after 2 months overseas and had a week to pack and head to Minneapolis for the start. I was relatively comfortable with understanding what would go on the bike and what needed to be staged at the check point.

Shipping a wheel/tire and supplies to Allen TX was a bit unsettling and a really twist to my previous IBR experience. I did little else other than sort through everything and double check my base plan.

At this point we knew the basics of the rally:

Leg 1 Minneapolis to Allen (26-28 June)
Leg 2 Allen to Allen (29 June - 1 July)
Leg 3 Allen to Minneapolis (2-7 July)

Two quick legs followed by a long leg, an interesting arrangement that had most of the riders speculating how they would manage Leg 3. This was also a challenge for me to make a decision if I should change the rear wheel at the beginning or end of leg 2.

I also hadnít had time to completely sort to the InteliJet but it was working fairly well so my wife and loaded the truck and headed to Minneapolis for check in on the 24th.

A quick run down on the bike, which Iíve used in the í13 and í15 IBRís. Itís mostly a stock 2003 California EX-250R. Items that are non-OEM include
1. Suspension - Straight rate front fork springs, and a Works Performance Rear
2. 41T Rear sprocket
3. InteliJet variable carb jetting
4. Garmin 595
5. Aux power port installed underseat
7. SilverStar Night Breaker head light
8. Stealth soft Saddle bags and tank bag (not a lot of room which forces you to make choices on what will be carried on the bike).

Check in went smoothly, I even managed not to screw up the ODO run and only needed a single attempt. I spent the majority of time catching up with friends and my daughter who lives in Minneapolis.


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