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Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:40 am
Thanks for the help!        

jkv45 wrote:
Have you ridden at all before?

A few safety related issues that you should get covered -

Full gear. Not just a helmet, but also gloves, boots, pants - everything. If you don't have it all, check Craigslist for quality used gear. Don't buy any super-budget stuff. Better to get good used than bad new gear.

Tires. Chances are (depending on the miles) that your bike has the original tires from 2009 on it. They are junk now, no matter how much tread is left. Search around for opinions on the best tire for you. At this point anything new will almost certainly be better than what's on there.

Look through the maintenance section here for ideas of what needs to be done to make your bike safe on the road. It sounds like you are ready to do some wrenching - which is good to hear!

Lastly, if you haven't taken a Basic Rider course you should look into it. It would take you years, and many mistakes, to learn what they can teach you in a weekend.

Have fun, but be prepared!

First off thanks for the welcome, and the helpful info!

I've already made sure to have all my gear and BRC done before hand. My gear actually cost me more than the bike!

This is what I have for gear:

-Icon alliance dark helmet
-Icon overlord sb2 high vis jacket
-Icon accelerant boots
-Speed and Strength Rage against the machine jeans
- And a set of gloves which I can't remember the name of at the moment

The basic rider course was EXTREMELY helpful, and it was an invaluable experience. They are the same type of tires as the original, but the previous owner just bought them about 400 miles ago and had a receipt to bat.

Once again thanks for all the help and the warm welcome!

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