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Fri Jul 27, 2018 10:10 am
Quality Review        

The quality of the parts I would say is a 9/10. The paint is fantastic and the clear coat is thick. The plastic feels just like OEM and all of the rubber grommets fit properly. The back side of the parts aren't painted, but I understand why they wouldn't paint that.

The pieces were all shaped correctly, The tail fairings were perfect, and the side fairings would have been too if it wasn't for the tank cover. The tank cover added a bit of thickness that the side fairings weren't adjusted for. I had to sand the lip to be able to sit flush against the tank. Not a huge deal, just irksome. The headlight cowl is giving me a bit more issues. I had and am having trouble lining up the boltholes to go through the windscreen and into the mount. It could also be because my bike was crashed, and i think that mount might be a little bit out of whack.

Yes, there is a plastic cover that goes over the tank. Its a tight fit, but when it's on its very nice. It's form fitted around the tank so once its on it pretty much holds itself on. It has two bolt holes at the bottom underneath the seat to attach with the regular tank. The one issue I have is the clearance for the gas cap. Its like 2MM but it's enough to sorta bug me when i look at it up close. From 3 feet away it looks just fine. When I'm home later today I'll take some more detailed pictures.

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