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Mon Jul 30, 2018 1:08 pm
Don't sweat it...        

Good that you didn't get hurt, other than your ego.

The way I figure, even World Champions crash. Max Biaggi dropped a scooter in the pits, Freddie Spencer also dropped his race bike in the pits back in the day. Unexpected. Embarrassing. They are pros. World Champions even.

First thing I think of when someone says they locked the front wheel is the age and quality of the tire. An old dry tire is going to lock quickly. A new fresh tire is going to take a lot more force before it locks.

2 fingers on the brake is all I ever use, but the speed in which you apply the brake makes a big difference. You need to smoothly start your heavy braking, then continue applying more pressure until you feel you have reached maximum braking - then be ready to back it off slightly if needed. Carefully practicing getting up to that point is the only way to learn it, but you need to be able to know when to back off if conditions are less than optimum. Feel and listen for the signs of getting close to a lock-up. You need to be able to work the front brake for all it's worth. I never use the rear for any serious braking on the street, but some do.

Dirt bike riding is one of the best ways to learn braking and riding in general. Constant corrections and changing traction keep you on your toes and build your skills.

If that's not an option, I would look for an advanced training course. That, and make sure your tires are always top-notch and fresh and you wear all the gear.

I've been riding for over 40 years, and have been down dozens of times (mostly on the dirt and track), but wear all the gear all the time because I know it can happen any time - usually when you least expect it.

The way I see it, crashing and getting back on is the real test if you are a rider or not. Many think it will never happen to them, and when it does they are done. Know it can happen, deal with it, and learn from your mistakes.

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