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Wed Mar 06, 2019 5:41 pm
need help with carb sync        

Bought the bike recently a 2007 with 15k miles, it would not start. Did
the complete carb disassembly/cleaning and also the valve adjustment.
Bike then ran well, but did not idle perfectly. So i went to try the
carb synch. I used the 2 bottle method and all of the fluid immediately
gets sucked over to one side no matter where i set the adjustment screw.
it Always flows to the same bottle. If i set the screw all the way
clockwise to the stop that is the closest to an even flow ( the bottle
fills up more slowly) but the bike will barely run.

What am I doing wrong here? Does anyone know the ballpark setting (
turns out from full stop clockwise) for the adjustment screw?

Also, nothing in the synch instructions page mentions the vacuum tube
that connects to the bottom of the fuel tank. the bike won't idle while
that tube is sucking air. so I plugged it to make it idle. mistake?

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