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Sat Apr 13, 2019 2:39 pm
New Rider, Ninja EX250R        

hey guys im a new rider, i just bought a 2006 Ninja EX250R and im super stoked. I paid 750$ for it and it runs good although it has suffered crashes in past. Its already a streetfighter but im got big plans for her...her name is Karina...My 95 4-Runner is

the brackets that hold the headlight on are loose and missing a bolt...the gauge cluster is not in great shape. i need a part bike or something maybe but it is ride-able i want to put some white underglow led ligts on going to fix the rust in tank with that kit they have, and it has a rhino liner finish, i cant submit a picture bc my camera n fone to big or whatever so that sucks, i have to got get a ne headlight now...i just bought an h7, but i was wrong, previous owner told me wrong, i guess i need an h4 according to this forum.

may sound dumb but i want saddlebags for her too

well i have a lot to learn, ask, and say about me bike but im runner short on time.

im grateful this "club" is here.

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