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Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:30 am
Possible head gasket        

krautman6644 wrote:
Hello everyone,

I'm hoping I can get some help from some experts on here. I am at my wits end. I bought my wife a 2005 250 so we could ride together and she can learn to ride. However, her bike keeps overheating. We went riding and her bike spit all the coolant out through the reservoir relief hose. The reservoir was boiling as well. I can't figure out the issue. I have replaced the thermostat, checked the water pump, drained and refilled the coolant, checked the radiator cap and ensured it holds pressure, and the fan works as well. The radiator is clean and not gummed up. IT seems to only get too hot after riding about maybe 20 minutes. It's just a gradual climb in temp that doesn't stop and twice now we have hit the top of the temp gauge. Does anyone know what I could be missing? Thanks for any advice you can give me.

We had a Ninja 500 that did that. I checked all the things you did - but it didn't fix the issue.

The issue was a blown head gasket. Combustion pressure was leaking into the cooling system and over-pressurizing it.

The head needed to be removed and "lapped" to flatten it out, but there was also corrosion on the head gasket that may have contributed to the problem. I replaced the head gasket with a new one, though some say it's possible to reuse it if you do a few things to it. I wasn't going to risk it. Got it back together fine, and it was all good. I would have a Service Manual handy though. We used an online manual that was good, but I prefer a printed one.

It's more common on the 500, but it does sound like the exact same issue we had.

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