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Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:33 am

Blade-Rider wrote:
well i got the oil change on her done and replaced missing bolts and whatnot. that washer that goes above the spring in the oil filter assembly was already missing, i got one on order.

so i drove her to the gas station and filled her up then i went home last night, after i parked her i noticed the fuel tank is leaking, I'm not sure where exactly but it looks like it is leaking where the fairings bolt onto the tank, if that is the case I'm not sure why those bolt go into the tank itself anyway. i siphon out the fuel and this morning i went and got some fuel tank repair putty.

if i find a crack in the tank i can use that to repair it, but if it is leaking from the bolt hole that make no sense and i reckon ill have to find a new tank

edit: oh yeah, i replaced the headlamp and all the missing bolts, but the rubber boot is missing, i may need a new one of those as well

edit 2: after looking thru this forum(fairing removal article, the warning) i suspect previous owner got bolts mixed up and punctured tank...i do have green aftermarket bolt all over this thing, and the upper fairing/tank bolts are indeed shorter than the bottom, but i reckon they got messed up in the past...so i cant repair this? i have to buy a new tank?

Edit 3: it may be a ninja ex250f not R....idk i thought it was a R

Most likely you have found the problem. We repaired one of ours with JB Weld.

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