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Fri Apr 19, 2019 3:35 am
fixed tank, trouble uploading pics, chain lube question        

I actually used Permitex gas tank sealer, witch i suspect is very similar to jb weld, it doesn't leak a drop now. i have actually put about 150 miles on it so far and boy is it a joy to ride. she is a work in progress. i need to figure out how to upoad photos on here, im itching to show y'all me bike. I've been super busy so haven't been able to reply.

i need new brake and clutch levers next, im going to do a sweet rhino lined paint job soon, i want to find red and white rhino liner.
idk if they make that thou.

ill keep yall posted.

if yall have any advice on uploading photos from my phone that would be outstanding,I'm not that great with these newer computers..

edit: i just cleaned my chain today, the chain cleaner was a no water necessary thing fron Walmart (dupont chain& sprocket degreaser) and i lubed it with Champion chain grease which is a lithium based grease. the cleaner is O-Ring safe but the lithium lube doesn't really specify. maybe i should have gotten the dupont chain wax stuff, idk. let me know if i messed up...thanks guys

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