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Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:04 am
u need to remove the idle covers, and pull the idle mixture screws        

anh3 wrote:
chron wrote:
Not getting enough fuel - too much air, throttle blips and a/f ratio is out of whack like the plungers /diaphrams aren't putting the fuel out
maybe there is a little water left in the diaphram area from the cleanout ....

Pulled the carb today, double check reassembly. I have not touched the mixture screws, the metal cover plates for the mixture screws are still intact. This adjustment is needed then, it seems? At cold start it ran fine with choke, then after a minute it dies with either choke on or off; the same symptom, blip throttle RPM did NOT increase and it dies.

You need to pull the mixture screws (by first remevoing the cover plates - drill out carefully then use like plasters screw to pullout ) clean the oriface the came from with copper/brass wire or similar, verify the O-ring and washer are in there , then reinsert , bottom them carefully and then back out 2 turns which i read the left and right are not equal (2.5/1.75) - verify float level is 17 mm +- 2 .. make sure the main jets are snug good with 8mm wrench.

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