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Thu May 09, 2019 8:00 pm

eelelectric wrote:
Woo, thank you, that got her running! Did a thorough carb cleaning, seemed indeed like something was lodged in the pilot jet. Took her out for a spin though and when I got into higher gears she started bogging again...! Something starting to get lodged in same place maybe? Wondering if I need to clean the tank or does it sound like something else? ... thank y'all so much, so satisfying to be doing this work...

It sounds like you may need to clean the tank. The pickups for the petcock may be clogged and there is a small screen inside the fuel line at the carb that can also get plugged.

I'd check all of that, then open the flotbowl drains and catch the gas that comes out, looking for water or debris. The carb diaphragms can get damaged, pinched, out of shape, or just out of place as well - so that's worth checking.

The caps on the idle mixture screws should be removed, as well as the screws themselves to clean the passages. Make sure the o-rings are in good shape and set the screws to 2.5 turns out for starters. Hot idle speed should be 1300 and syncing the carbs is also a good idea once it's running consistently.

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