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Thu May 09, 2019 11:50 pm
compatibility issues? Need experienced advice        

Thanks for the above chain link..

I have about 1k miles of ride time on it, she is dependable that's for sure.
Her name is Karina, just bc it has a Japanese ring to; my truck is a Toyota 4-Runner(5sp 4x4) named Kira.

on the topic:

I bought a Zero Gravity double bubble windscreen (it is on back-order bc they apparently have to pull out the old molds and manufacture one). The issue is i currently only have 2 bolts, i found some green M5 bolts that match all my curent bolts, they are 20mm instead of the recommended 15mm/16mm.( I can install them then just cut them if too long)

Here they are, is this correct diameter:

Second issue is both of my hand levers are bent all to hell, like horseshoes on the handle bars, this is all i can find, and they say for 08 thru 12... can they be modified to fit? i hope so. here it is:

I found these hand guards that i think would go nicely if i could freaking find them to buy them:

i hope these links work, i need a bit of advice.

also i made a seat bag from a lunch box and grommets and i got the idea from here... i don't know how to resize a picture but i may made that imigur thing...i would like pictures on my profile thou...

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