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Thu May 16, 2019 5:00 pm
Is this due to a leak in the gas tank?        

If this is because your gas tank has a leak, especially where the upper fairing bolt attaches, there may be a simpler less costly solution.

I bought my 250 for $400 from a dealer who was planning to wholesale it. They said it needed a new gas tank due to this common leak and a new tank would cost several hundred. After seeing how hard it was to find affordable gas tanks, I read about many repair methods. The one that I tried and worked great for me was an epoxy repair.

They make some epoxies specifically for gas tank or leak repairs. I used one of these but others may work if they start out as firm as clay or playdo.

I emptied the tank, removed it and placed it on its side with the affected bolt holes facing up. After kneading the epoxy thoroughly to mix it, I took tiny pieces, rolled them into tiny balls small enough to drop straight to the bottom of the bolthole. My leak or perforation was small. This technique would not work if someone dove a bolt all the way through the gas tank.) After dropping each tiny spere of epoxy into the hole, I used one of the Allen bolts for the fairings to lightly press the epoxy into or through the perforation. I did this about 20 times to gradually put in about one cc of epoxy. I counted the turns of the bolt until I felt resistance from contacting the tank and gradually reduced the turns but kept at least 3 turns in the end so the bolt would be secure after the repair. I removed the bolt and let the epoxy cure for a day before I reinstalled the tank. I didn't need to fill the tank all the way for a while, but when I did a week later, it held perfectly.

This took me less than a half hour and the epoxy would cost less than $10 if I didn't have some really old stuff lying around.

At first I worried that my 10+ year old tank repair epoxy might be too old as it was so firm that I could barely knead it with my fingers and used pliers. It tuned out that such a firm clay like epoxy was perfect as it stopped or severely limited the epoxy filling or adhering to the threads of the bolt or anchor threads on the tank.

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