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Fri Sep 11, 2020 9:22 am

ClintonHill wrote:
Thank you, guys. I will look for courses, I hope they are not very expensive. And what about the helmet and everything else? In this regard, you can not spare money Smile
And here's another, maybe someone knows. After a while, I'm going to move, but I think I'll have bought the bike by then. Who transported motorcycles, which company would you recommend?

A helmet is best to buy new. There are plenty of non-current, but not old, helmets for sale online for a reasonable price. I have a few HJCs that are decent, but there are many choices. Do a search for "best helmet under $200" (or whatever) and see what's recommended. Webbikeworld usually does good tests on gear and equipment.

For the rest of your gear - jacket, gloves, pants, boots - watch Craigslist or FB Marketplace. Get good quality gear - Cortech, Alpinestars, etc. Don't bother with cheap-o stuff. I've gotten many good deals on used top-quality gear off of CL over the years.

Wear it all, all the time.

Shipping a cycle isn't cheap, and most top companies have inconsistent reviews. You'd have to check them out.

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