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Mon Jan 03, 2022 8:21 pm
Check the valve adjustment and cam timing.        

LiL_RouD wrote:
. . 2006 ninja. . . even pulled a carb off another working ninja 250 with the exact same results so i know it's not the carb.

If it's not the carbs, then it's compression/valve timing or spark.

If you checked the plugs, it is unlikely that is the issue.

Is it possible that you have the cams out of time? Check the cam timing, I know I've put mine together with one of the cams off by a tooth. Never got so far as to try to start it that way, but I've had to remove and re-time the cams more than once.

Rereading your post, it could also be a vacuum leak at the carb boots. This can be checked by giving it a (small) shot of starting fluid when starting the engine. If it runs on starting fluid, you're not getting fuel.

I also notice no one has mentioned making sure the pilot jets are clean/open.

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