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Fri Aug 16, 2002 9:04 am
NYC Motorcycle Adjustment Weekend.        

If there is anyone in NYC who needs valve adjustments, oil changes, or just wants there bike checked over by a somewhat competent home mechanic, this is the weekend to do it.

I have to Adjust the valves, change the oil and oil filter, wash and re-oil the air filter, lube the axleshafts, and hopefully, if my tire changing equipment arrives, change the rear tire (waiting on a new front wheel, compliments of Leon, mine got messed up due to bad NYC streets).

If you would like some work done, or your bike looked over, post on here, and say when is best for you. Nothing after 2pm on either Sat or Sunday. I have to get some sleep for work each night.

I also have Monday's and Tuesdays off, if that is better for anyone else.

Oh, and expect to learn how to strip and check your bike. And bring your tool kit that came with the bike. No money needed except for any parts (oil, filters, spark plugs).

Maybe a bit of a ride afterwards.


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