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Thu Jun 19, 2003 5:02 am
anyone following the Benton Harbor riots?        

I thought it might be a discussion here, but I couldn't find any comments on it. Not that there's necessarily much to discuss, but the riots supposedly started because a black squid, Terrance Shurn, was killed when he sent his bike 100mph into an abandoned house while being chased by white cops. Townspeople rioted for two nights, because they were angry with the police for "causing" the death.

I guess "race" is the only thing that can match the infamous reputation of riders. For once people are not saying all of the thoughtless, anti-biker statements. It's just too bad that this case is one in which statements of that sort are probably appropriate.

People in Benton Harbor are saying that the chase was racially motivated. They're also angry about the police policy permiting high-speed chases. I haven't made up my mind about the soundness of high speed chases, but when someone wants to outrun cops on a bike, he ought to be ready to meet his maker. Race, schmace. If you flee and die, it's all on you. It's sad that a whole town was ripped up because a biker was stupid. When in this crazy world will people call a spade a damn spade?

Please flame away if you think I'm being insensitive or discriminatory. Maybe I don't understand this "race" thing enough to opine.

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