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Sat Aug 09, 2003 7:21 am
IBR Update: Heard From Leon & Commentary        

Leon e-mailed from his parent's house in SD. He's heading (by car/trailer) towards Missoula to arrive Today. He said OK to updates here by anyone with details of the rally. I'll try to post something every day from here on out.

Leon said he won't go to Mexico at all, only to a border bonus. He's never been there and doesn't know the unknowns. He also said no to Goose Bay, too much gravel. He want's to preserve the bike and is more interested in consistency on known roads than taking huge risks on the unknown. Goal is at least a 10/10ths (1k for 10 straight days) Few people have ever accomplished this, and certainly not on a 250!

Leon did agree that Missoula to Cabo to Goose Bay to Missoula wouldn't be the winning route. But something like Missoula to Primm, NV (checkpoint #1) to Cabo to Goose to Missoula might be. This of course depends on what tricks the organizers pull. In the past event (2001), they waited until the second checkpoint to throw in a 1 million point wildcard bonus. Basically unreachable. One rider made it.

Bonus list for leg 1 should come out tomorrow (Sunday) evening at the riders banquet. More details at www.ironbutt,com

For those of you who have e-mailed me with details for help locations thanks. I will reply to them shortly. Any others around the country who are willing to offer their garage, spare parts, donor parts, etc. just drop me an e-mail with your location and contact info and I'll add you to the list.



>> Some Early commentary cross-posted from the LDRiders List;

Who do we "like" for this years rally? Yes we'll see the Todd and Paul show,
but what about Grady Dunham, Mark Kiecker, or some other young gun. Will it
be a previous IBR finisher, who through outside circumstances hasn't perhaps
had their best run in the past, or a relative newbie? Will we finally see
someone manage to pull a second first place finish? Names like Steve
Eversfield representing the "wrong side riders" will certainly be on my
personal radar screen, as will Leon Begeman. This is the man on the Ninja
250, and also the gentleman (you have to say that when he is gracious even
while waking him and his wife @ 4am in the morning for a road report) who
convinced me that Fairbanks and Mt Denali was worth the effort in 01. Go

One thing for certain is there'll be plenty to discuss in the next few
weeks. I for one will be glued to my screen.

Happy Travels to all.

Derrick Sutton
Melbourne, Australia
2001 IBR

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