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Mon Mar 03, 2003 4:08 pm
Iron Butt Rally 2003        

jeb asked me to start a thread on this subject.

The Iron Butt Rally (IBR) is a bi-annual event sponsored by the Iron Butt Association. This year it starts and ends in Missoula, MT and will be run counter-clockwise. The IBR is an 11 day event, so there's plenty of time to go lots of places. We've been told that the checkpoints will be in Southern California, near Daytona, FL and in Maine. The rally starts on August 11 and ends August 22.

The IBR is probably the worlds most difficult amateur motorcycle event. To win, one will need to ride more than 11,000 miles in the 11 days of the rally. In addition, one will need to be able to find the winning route out of the hundreds of possible places to go and thousands of ways to get to them. I don't think I'll be able to win the rally, some of the best riders in the world are entered, most of them have much larger budgets than I do, and as in most forms of competition, money helps.

My Ninja 250 is the best I can make it for this trip. Most of the parts are from a 2001 bike, the engine has been rebuilt by Duke Dunsford of our own Ninja 250 list and Mike Norman of G-Force in California. The requirements for the motor are simple - it has to run WFO for about 200 hours. To do that, one builds a motor with low horsepower and a bullet-proof bottom end. I use stock exhausts, K&N filters, rejetted with 107.5 mains and three washers. The valve seats have been reshaped to provide longer intervals between adjustments. The oil pump is new and has been set for a higher than normal pressure, the crank has been chamfered to allow increased oil flow to the main and rod bearings.

The bike has been extensively modified for long distance riding comfort. It has an after-market saddle (Rick Mayer,) expanded fuel tank (Bobb Todd,) oversized windscreen (from my John Deere bike,) large tail trunk and perhaps saddlebags (I haven't packed so I don't know if that room is needed,) CB/Weather Radio, Cell phone, voltmeter, custom tank bra, lighted Sigma BC1400 cyclometer, throttle lock and aftermarket hand grips.

For the past few months, I've been sending out a lot of Ninja 250 parts, I hope that some of you will help me do well in this ride. I don't know what I'll need or when I'll need it, but I'd sure appreciate a list of phone numbers so I can ask for help sometime. Of course, it'll probably be for a part that puts your bike out of commision and I'll probably need it at 5 AM. I'm still working on a web page to keep everyone informed.

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