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Sat Aug 09, 2003 9:28 pm
IBR: Saturday PM Update        

Leon reports he's among a very limited field of Hopeless bikes for this year's event. Aside from his Ninja 250 there's a Yamaha SR500 entered, a Honda Slver Wing 500 ridden by Ken Morton, an R69 BMW, and Keith Keating on a 1975 Suzuki GT750 Water Buffalo (750cc 2-stroke, water cooled). FYI - Keith Finished the 2001 event on a Suzuki GN125 covering 7400 miles! There's also a Buell 1200 entered, equally hopeless...

Leon agin said no Mexico, Alaska, or Labrador. His primary goal is the 10/10ths, which means bonus hunting may have to slide a bit to acquire the necessary daily mileage. I told him about those of you who'd been added to the 'help' list this week and he said to convey his thanks and appreciation to everyone.

On the gremlin list, Leon's experiencing some computer problems with his borrowed laptop. No power. Power supply is good. He removed the battery and reinserted and it seemed to fix the problem for now. If it continues his options are to buy another laptop or plug bonus locations into the GPS manualy to get mileage numbers.

Still don't know if bonuses come out tomorrw PM or Monday AM. The plan is to consult with him before he leaves to get the bonus locations/values and intended route to help keep him on track along the way. The first leg is 36 hours. He wants to complete at least 1500 miles for the leg.

Out till tomorrow,

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