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Tue Aug 05, 2003 10:28 pm
Our man in the IBR; Report head's-up.        


As you know our very own Leon Begeman is entered in the 2003 Iron Butt Rally which begins next Monday in Missoula, Montana.. We're fortunate to now have two members of this board who have been entered in this incredible semi-anual event. Andrew Duthie- 49th place finisher, 2001 - Kawi Concours, and now Leon in his debut event. He'll be attempting the event this year on a modified Ninja 250, the first person to ever do so. Even smaller bikes have finished in the past, but a new minimum performance rule has been put into place making the Ninja 250 one of the smaller bikes capable of qualifying.

I'll be in daily contact with Leon during the rally, and with his permission posting progress reports here for those who want to follow along.

At last report he's en route from his VA home to Missoula, MT with the bike in tow. He expects to arrive in Missoula on Saturday. For those interested, the bike has been fitted with oxygen sensors on each header pipe and an adjustable mixture device on the carburetors (Dial-a-jet). The engine has a beefed-up lower end and improved valve seats, purposed to withstand the demand of 11 days straight on the road 16-18 hours each day. Many of you have seen the outer appearance of the bike with the truck bed liner paint, 11 gallon gas tank, and huge rubbermaid 'trunk'. This is certainly not your ordinary 250. Utilitarian to the core.

The rally starts Monday AM and will last for 11 days. There is some buzz of a possible bonus in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 1000 miles south of San Diego. Will he go for it? You can bet your bottom dollar there'll be several other 'extreme' destinations worth big point.s. For more details check www.ironbutt.com. Should be daily updates there beginning this weekend.

If I hear anything substantial from Leon between now and Sunday PM I'll keep you posted


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