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Wed Aug 13, 2003 5:30 am
IBR: Leg 2 Begins        

Off we go on a 3 1/2 day 3700 mile leg...

Leon's so determined to hit his 10/10ths he was ready to dump the bonuses for this leg in favor of monster miles he could run purely on interstates. He felt the roads would be too slow to make his goal. I think he was hoping for a bonus in the U.P. of Michigan or something. But all the bonuses are in NM, CO, TX, LA, AL and FL. I talked some sense into him and he agreed he should stay on track and do the bonuses. He can still get in his 1,000 mile days, but much if it will be on secondary roads through the Colorado Rockies, etc.

He has a route together and was able to get to bed around 2am local time.

I asked him two of Jim Race's questions;

Q. "What's the strangest thing you've seen"?

A. "A nearly suicidal Jackrabbit on toe road to Gerlach. It ran out in front of me from the left, but when it go 2/3 into the left lane it turned back. It wa so quick that all I could have done was hang on..."

Q. Hows the ride fatigue?

A. No problem. I can't even tell the bar end is gone. (ed: I read at least one rider saw 124 degrees behind the windscreen riding near Death Valley)

Q. How's the Mental state?

A. I'll paraphrase here, he basically said the bonus options they gave tonight are very complicated and it's somewhat frustrating to try to make a rational decision when the unknown is so great with some of the options. He selected the known bonuses, but there are apparently two 'unknown' bonus sheets / options which include Goose Bay, but how many points is it worth? The riders have to go to Fresno tomorrow before they get those bonuses, and then there's another option for yet another bonus possiblility including Goose Bay on the following day...Leon said they are doing this to test the mental capacity of the riders, but it was tough to make a good decision based on so little information. I think he'll be in much better shape after some sleep.

Also - This seems to be the place with the most up to date information. BMWMOA Forum

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