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Mon Aug 11, 2003 11:04 pm
IBR: Time To Get Busy - Leon Needs Help -        

Leon Just called (while travelling along the highway at 71mph...way cool). He decided he wanted more miles today so he went to the Brown Lee Dam on the Snake river, which he had originally decided to pass up in favor of extra sleep tonight. While he was there the center stand sunk into the ashphalt and the bike fell over on it's right side. His brake lever is badly bent. (I just realized I didn't ask him which one. I'm assuming it's the front brake) He's afraid to try and bend it back for fear of breaking it off. He also lost one of his bar ends and bolt due to vibration on the Lolo pass.

He's currently at the OR/NV line on 95 heading south toward I-10 at Winnemucca. (10pm CT) He'll then head west to Wadsworth on I-10 and then north to Gerlach. In the morning at 7am local time, he'll be heading south from Gerlach on 395 toward Death Valley where he'll turn East at Lone Pine, Cross the valley, then take 95 toward Las Vegas with a stop in Boulder City, ending up about 30 miles south of Las Vegas at a resort off of I-15.

If any of you SF or LA guys are up for a road trip tonight / tomorrow and interested in heading that way and donating some parts, get a hold of me tonight at 615-355-6117 and we'll make some plans. Leon's supposed to try to call me near Pyramid lake later tonight since they have Reno cell coverage there.

Other than that he's doing great...wanting more miles...Imagine that. He's determined to make 11,000 miles for ther rally. He say's the bike's running great, all the gizmos are working perfectly. There are 15-20 other bikes on the same route as he is, and he said he was the first one to the Brown Lee Dam. He picked up two cheeseburgers at a gas station for dinner and ate one on the road and saved the other for later. He saw one other rider on the side of the road who ran out of gas (was it Ken Morton with the mechanical?) and another rider who had stopped to help. He's also having problems with his Polaroid. When he took the first picture, it spit out all of the film. He's going to try again with another roll and if it does it again he's going to try to find a Wal-Mart in Winnemucca. Avg GPS speed so far is 56.

Also - Someone was supposed to attend the finisher's banquet with him, but they had to cancel. So he has an extra if anyone wants to go.

If you're interested in delivering a Brake lever and bar end to the Gerlach/Death Valley/Las Vegas area, get a hold of me tonight.


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