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Mon Aug 11, 2003 2:46 am
IBR: Ready to go...        

Leon's first leg is planned and ready. He's selected an agressive route...of course. A kink in the plan is that one of the bonuses he needs isn't available until Tuesday morning way out in the desert of northwest Nevada. So he's planning to get there early and sleep until it's available ... then try to make it to the checkpoint South of Las Vegas before it closes at 11pm PT Tuesday. There's a couple places toward the end he can drop to make up time, but it will cost him big points. He'll be cutting it close.

The route that's planned will take him mostly along the California / Nevada border with a pass through Death Valley Tuesday afternoon. This will be a big test of the G-Force rally motor with some major mountains (Lolo Pass, etc.) plus Nevada's higher speed highways and the heat of Death Valley.

Of note, the first four rider numbers were given to past winners, Hall, Fish, Brooks, (missed the 4th name). #5 was given to Leonard Aaron who finished the 2001 edition on a 1946 Indian Chief. Part of the 2001 Hopeless Class. #6 went to the smallest bike in this year's rally ... Leon Begeman. There are 120 riders entered. Also of note Goose Bay is confirmed as a bonus on one of the later legs. Leon's says he's still not going there.

All the fun starts at 10am MT tomorrow. Good luck Leon...

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