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Tue Aug 12, 2003 8:53 pm
IBR: Leg 1 - Change of plans...        

[9,000rpms in the background] "WHAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - tsccccchhhhhhhh...Duke, I'm not ..... to make it to...tchhhhhhhhhhhh...too much time at....tscchhhhh... Pines.....2 hours....tschhhh....dropping Death...straight to...tschhhhhh", silence.

From what I gather he ate up too much time today somewhere, so he's heading straight to the checkpoint, skipping Death Valley. At first I thought he was saying a train held him up, but then I figured out he was talking about trying to find a tree? He also said something about only getting in 950 miles today but the extra yesterday keeps him on track and other riders will have the same difficulties.

Through the garbled mess that's the best interpretation I have. Cell phones are great ... just not out West in no-man's land.

An interesting note is that if you arrive at the scorers table at the check-in, but then have to go back to your bike to get something that affects your score, you are out of luck, they won't count it. It pays to be organized. It's easy to be organized when you're fresh, more difficult after a nice 36 hour ride. All part of the challenge, right Andrew?

Leg 2 bonuses available 11pm tonight PT. More to come later...

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