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Fri Aug 22, 2003 5:46 pm
IBR: Just talked to Leon in Missoula        

I just spoke to Leon in Missoula. His phone battery quit on Monday and wouldn't hold a charge, he had it on AC power when I talked to him. He has no idea he'd done so well on this leg as only one one of eleven riders to get the big 5 bonus, and actually thought he'd fallen several spots due to missing a bonus in Philadelphia which he rode right past. He got 52,000 points for this leg. He said the last two days have been brutal. He thought check-in started at 10am so He arrived at 9:40. In reality check-in started at 8am and he would have been time - barred after 10am. He lost 1,000 points for being late. He said he really wished his phone would have been working so someone could have made sure he had his times correct. His chain is toast and he said he barely made it in as it was popping badly like it had a frozen section. Apparently his chain oiler was only getting to one side of the chain. It was a brand-new o-ring chain before the rally, but the stress this week took it's toll?

He did 11,300 miles total. Total points will be 69,500. Leaders will be somewhere around 90,000.

He seemed to be really happy and said he couldn't sleep, there was just too much excitement around. I tried to explain the eruption of wild fans following his epic adventure on the Net, as well as the fact he'd ben dubbed the 'animal'. In typical Leonesque he just said, "hmm...all I did was ride the rally".

He's going to call again tonight after the awards banquet when they announce the final standings.

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