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Fri Aug 15, 2003 1:04 am
IBR: Mt. Evans and beyond        

I talked to Leon about an hour ago. He had to stop and sleep at the CO/NM border this afternoon. He got about 3 hours sleep and was back on the road tonight, saying he was feeling great.

He made it to Mt. Evans today. To clarify the jetting issue, he'd been running 105 mains with additional fuel provided by the dial-a-jet. When he got into the high mountains the 105s were just too rich even with the d-a-j leaned all the way out. So he put in 102.5 mains and said they worked great. As I talked to him tonight he reported a fuel leak. He said he'd stopped a while back and put the 105s back in and though he probably didn't get the bowl bolt back on tight (part of the d-a-j?) He was going to stop at the next lighted exit and make sure he got the carbs together correctly. I asked him if he was in danger of the 'bolt' falling out. He said yes, but that he had an extra.

Earlier today on the way down Mt. Evans, he was behind Harold Brooks' Gold Wing (I think). Harold has ridden more Iron Butt rallies than any other rider, and is known for being an extremely fast and extremely smooth. As Leon was following him down the road, Harold waved Leon by. He said it totally made his day as if Michael Schumacher himself had waved him past. I think he'll still be grinnning in Florida.

At this point Leon's going to be pushing it to get to Florida on time. He can make it, but he's going to have to skip a couple LA and AL bonuses in favor of time. He sounded good and said he was feeling great after today's sleep.

I told himn about the power outage up north and it that the Ninja board was down. It was news to him. I also told him about the lack of available news about the rally this week. He said it's easier for the riders to keep up with the news because they run into each other at the stops. He told me about yet another rider who had crashed, which I hadn't heard about yet. He wanted to know about Jim Winterer on the SR-500. He's out with a toasted transmission.

Also - He talked with Bob Higdon at the last checkpoint and told him about Eric coming all that way to help him. He was really hoping Bob would put something about it in one of his chronicle reports.

I'll talk with Leon again early in the morning and make a final post here if there's anything new before leaving for Florida. I'll have someone else make the update posts here until I get back Monday night.

That's all for now,

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