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Thu Aug 14, 2003 12:32 am
IBR: Heard From Leon In CO        

Just got through to Leon. He didn't get to Independance Pass, CO before dark so he's diverted his route to a bonus in Glenwood Springs and looking for a truck stop to spend the night. He intends to continue with the planned route by heading down through Aspen to be at Independance Pass at first light.

He said the bike's stumbling badly between 4 and 6K and running rich. He's fearing it's the valves so he's going to check them to be sure tonight after some sleep and the motor cools down. He wants to be sure he doesn't fry the motor. (ed: He's much less likely to fry the motor if running rich than running lean - more likely to foul a plug with too much carbon) He said the O2 sensors were also saying he's rich. Of course he's been above 5,000 feet all day and went up to 9,300 feet at Silverton. He has some smaller main jets with him and could possibly switch to them for tomorrow's high-altitude riding. He's also headed to Mt. Evans (daylight only), which is the highest paved road in North America at 14,265 feet.

Trivia question: Has a Ninja 250 ever been ridden to that altitude? (I don't know the answer)

He said he's feeling good tonight, every bit as good as this time last night. He got an additional 2 hour nap today. Tonight's delay puts him about 6 hours behind schedule for the Florida check-point on Saturday but he has plenty of places he can make it up. The points available tomorrow AM in Colorado are worth the delay.

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