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Tue Aug 19, 2003 1:25 am
IBR: Maine Checkpoint        

I went to Maine checkpoint to meet Leon and help if necessary. The check-in times posted on IBR website were from 4-6pm. I got to "Reynolds Motorsports" in Buxton, Maine at 2:30pm and immediately saw The Rally Ninja Smile

However, I couldn't find the rider.

After walking a bit around the dealership I saw a sign "IBR Motel" pointing to a big barn on the backyard.

There, I finally found Leon, who was sleeping on the ground not far from the barn.

As you can guess, I didn't wake him up Smile

I went to see how riders registration/scoring worked.

There I recognized Andrew Duthie. I never met him before but saw his Deals Gap pictures Smile

In an hour or so I found Leon awaken and full of energy. I was amazed how fresh he looked. And this is after 1 week of torture!


I asked Leon several usual questions:
M: "How do you feel?"
L: "Great!!! The ride from Florida was fun!"

M: "How many hours a day do you sleep?"
L: "3 hours average."

M: "Do you take any medication to stay awake/help with pain?"
L: "Nope. Feel great no need for medication." (Although, later he mentioned aspirin. Dehydration == headache)

M: "Have you ever thought about giving up?"
L: "Riding to Florida checkpoint was rough. So, yes, at some point I was thinking hell with it. Now all is good again"

M: "What is your goal in this rally?"
L: "The goal is simple -- to ride at least 1000 miles a day. I am only 200 miles(total) behind this goal."

Leon with his ninja was getting a lot of attention from spectators. People were stopping by all the time asking, what is this bike.

Everyone was really impressed when they heard that the bike was little ninja250. The riders also were very respectful to little bike. No kidding! Between Florida and Maine Leon made up 7 more places! Of course, 7 more riders from a red route showed up and Leon stayed in 24th place. Now everyone is taking the same route so Leon has a real chance to move up several places at the rally finish.
At 6pm there was a riders meeting, and new route was distributed.

The most of the big bonus locations (1000 points and more) are 9/11 memorials, NYC/Washington DC/Pennsylvania. Also some place in Nova Scotia. We'll see how many of those Leon can get. His final route is 4250 miles that is 150 miles over his 1K miles/day goal. So everything is perfect so far.

I helped Leon to put markers (bonus locations) on the map. While Leon was putting the route into the computer, a battery went dead and he had to find where to plug the computer and start all over again.

All done, and off he went... I hope Canada will welcome you Leon...


OK. If you managed to read all this through.... here is a bonus. Who can guess what this mysterious bungee cord is for?

(I know the correct answer so guess away Wink)

Leon gave me some photos that he took at bonus locations. You can see them here =>

Disclaimer: Whatever information is present here is taken off my memory and can be either not accurate or completely off. My memory is faulty and non-upgradable.

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