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Fri Aug 22, 2003 2:19 pm
IBR: To Leon        

(I'm posting this here because his Yahoo email box is full. Probably stupid SoBIG.F viruses...funny)


I'm writing this before we (as in, the collective "we") even know anything yet. It's Friday morning here in California, nearly 11:00 am and I know you are probably tired or asleep. All the news sites are quiet, and I'm wearing out my keyboard reloading pages just to get some news.

I'm just dropping you an email to let you know how damn impressed I am with what you've accomplished.

I've been religiously following your ride, and while the past few days have been hell for us, with nearly no information I'm sure you've been playing with the devil a lot more than us chair bound mortals have.

I've been updating the California 250P racers daily (when I could) and interest and enthusiasm here has been incredible. Someone opened a topic on the bay area riders forum about your ride. Higdon mentions you a few times. You may not have known it while you were riding, but you have a LOT of fans.

No matter where you finish, you are to be commended. Pat yourself on the back, get a good night (weeks) rest and come and tell us all about it when the cobwebs clear.

Thanks for the fun.



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