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Fri Aug 22, 2003 10:25 pm
IBR: 12th PLACE!        

Leon is 12th place!

3rd in the Blue group behind Brent Ames and Todd Witte. Paul Talor is the winner.

The IBR world has been redefined by a rider who smoked most of the field on a bike predisposed to not even finish. Leon felt he could possibly have been in the top 10 if his cell phone wouldn't have croaked. His friend Scott Davis was 13th (different route) on a BMW. Gold medals went up to 14th or 15th place.

He was talking to Bob Higdon as he was on the phone with me. It sounded like there was a hoard of people around him wanting to talk. Several comments were flying around about what he could have done on a stronger bike. I think they're all hoping he'll stick with the 250! The motor's still doing great. He actually started it up and let me hear it run over the phone. I told him Mike wanted it back, we'll see...

By the way, he was wearing his Ninja250.net shirt.

Way to go, Sir...!

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