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Wed Jul 04, 2007 11:38 am
Nebraska Valves Help!!!!        

Okay, I can change oil and do some minor stuff but............No way I could tear into a valve adjustment on my own. I'm pretty sure I could if I had someone teach me how. At 500 miles I took it back to the dealer I bought it, he said drop if off the night before and he would go through the valves, etc. I am very sceptical on whether this really happened, no charge, no documentation, kinda surprised him when I asked him if they needed to be adjusted, he kinda stammered around and said "well one of them mighta been a little loose". I don't think anything was done at all. I have asked them about it many times, he says, "I am not sure why they even have us do that anymore" I have 1700 miles on now and am worried about the valves. I posted here about other owners in Nebraska and didn't get any replies. Suggestions folks???? Should I take it to some other dealer somewhere? Will there be any telltale signs that my valves need attention immediately? Not sure what to do?? Doug:)

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