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Wed Feb 06, 2008 11:57 pm
Is it really that expensive just to enter IBR?        

Jeeze. That's a steep entry fee. What does that get for you? I understand it's a great challenge, but something about it never smelled right to me. I'd think they could keep administration light, and get sponsors to pay for that, and maybe have some simple qualifying runs or something. And all this rhetoric about promoting "safe riding" but then you look at what you have to do to finish with the time constraints. How many of these rides would be legal if they were in a semitruck?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for sponsoring loudboys (who seems like a prince of a guy), but I'd be tempted to do my own, parallel IBR sometime. They are legal streets they're on, right? Do the ride and skip the fee, and your friends who matter will know what you did (unless they don't trust you either). There's something lost in the minimalist motorcycle philosophy if it really costs $8-10K minimum "to participate at the most basic level." How about those guys who go coast-coast on scooters?

Oh, and when the wife-unit isn't looking, I'll send in my $25. I hope you reach your goal Michael.

--Mike D.

M wrote:
As some of you know, our forum has had three Ninja 250 motorcycles entered in the Iron Butt Rally. Their stories are available on our forum here.

I am setting up an event that will benefit one of our forums members, loudboys, who is entering the '09 Iron Butt Rally. The IBR tends to cost a participant a minimum of $8,000-10,000 to participate at the most basic level. Some entrants, spend more than that just on their cycle's electronics! This event will help offset some of the associated costs, including the $1,500+ entry fee, fuel, food, lodging, gear, preventative maintenance, etc. that all participants encounter.

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