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Tue Mar 25, 2008 2:28 pm
RAM ball mount installation in the left clutch lever mirror thread hole        

I learned from EMDSD how to install a RAM ball mount about a year ago and have done it on my '05 250 and '07 650R. Shortly after buying my '08 250, I installed one.

The purpose of this mount is to have a permanent place to attach accessories (GPS, Sirius radio, cell phone, radar, etc) to the cycle.

Tools needed for this project:

* RAM ball RAM-B-236
* small flat head screwdriver
* 3/8-16 tap
* needle nose pliers
* blue thread lock

The first step is to pry off the plastic cover from the mirror thread hole:

Here is the RAM-B-236 ball:

Here is the 3/8-16 tap tool to re-thread the hole:

Tapping the hole:

The key to successfully tapping the threads correctly is to keep the tool angle in line with the hole, so that your threads are evenly created. Take your time here, and do it right the first time.

The next step is to put some thread lock on the RAM ball threads:

You then hand tighten the ball into the threads. Afterwards, I used some needle nose pliers to apply about 12 ft/lbs torque to the mount.

Here is how the RAM ball looks installed:

With the RAM short arm and Garmin 60CSx cradle in place:

With the 60CSx installed:

Total installation time, 10 minutes. Documentation time, 20 minutes. Very Happy

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