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Mon Nov 03, 2008 2:54 am
Pics of my streetfighter/cafe racer WIP (dial up users be warned)        

First off, I know there is a streetfighter section, but it doesn't seem very lively lately, so my apologies if I offend any mods.

Here is my progress on my bike from the last few weeks:

When I bought it

And now...

My temporary Rear Cowl made from a section of trash can.

I chopped the seat short and screwed the cowl onto the seat pan, so it comes off with the seat.

I relocated all the electronics into a pan that fits under the seat.

And I relocated the batter to the tail under the cowl. I had to cut a hole in the seat pan.

Bottom view of my battery tray.

I made some plates and clamps to mount the stock headlight and gauges on the forks.

I made a new overflow reservoir out of some copper tubing and caps.

One tube is the vent, the other goes down to siphon up the coolant.

Simple clamp

I had an air filter for a VW Beetle lying around, so I made a new filter.

I made some templates from the original airbox and fitted the original boots into it. Two Hose clamps holds it nice and tight.

I cut off the superfluous mounting brackets and next I'm going to re direct the lower member of the subframe to come up just before the start of the cowl. For the cowl, I'm going to be making something a bit nicer once I get some time and fiberglass. The straight headers are temporary as well, I'm hoping to find a tubing bender and fab up and under-tail system with all that extra room. Also, will be getting some Clip-ons and rear sets from Woodcraft.

So far almost everything has been Zero-dollar, mostly stuff I had in the garage. With the price of copper what it is, the reservoir ended up around $20, and a remnant of fabric at Wal-Mart was $2.

What do you guys think?

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