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Sat Aug 15, 2015 6:43 pm
Rear Lights        

I've read the wiki page three times, but I do not seem to understand how to actually go about buying replacement light bulbs.

The bulb comparison chart doesn't say much in the way of how to go about buying these, either.

Many bulbs say they match these designations, but obviously don't fit on a Ninja 250, and others that say they fit on a Ninja 250 do not have any of these designations.

Also, can anyone recommend something like the Custom Dynamics Universal Light Bar to add to a regular Ninja 250 setup?

I've also had a look at this:

But I don't know whether it's really do-able.

>>>>>>>> Ultimately, I'd like a brighter brake light, and a way to add a bar of flashing red LEDs to go along with it. <<<<<<<<

Am I asking the wrong questions here? Is there aught else I can use to understand this?

Thanks, in advance, for reading this,


P.S. I don't mean to be persnickety, but some of the links in the Electrical section have broken, like the "High Output Headlight Harness" ( near the bottom of I, personally, would benefit if someone gave that part of the FAQ some TLC, since it's the first line of inquiry for people like me.

P.P.S. Someone asked about the Ninja 250 for this brake light modulator, and I think one of us could chime in:
I haven't installed mine yet, but perhaps some of the rest of you have?


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