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Thu Feb 04, 2010 8:26 pm
88 Streetfighter Project        

When I bought this I never intended it to go back on the road.....

A few weeks ago I found an 88 Ninja ex250 on craigslist for $100. I knew I could part it out and make a buck or 2. The bike didn't run but did turn over, so $100 for a titled frame was good with me. Dana (the guy that sold me the bike and I loaded it up and I was off.. When I arrived home my wife met me outside to help unload it. She always loves looking at bikes I bring home. (Last year I got a 86 Suzuki GS550, fixed it up and tout her to ride).. First thing she did when we got the 250 in garage was jump on it.. I could tell from the big smile on her face I was in trouble..

She said "I want to ride this one."

I told her "I'll have to sell your bike for the money to fix it then??" Figured that would be the end of it as I knew how much she liked the Suzuki..


The 250 had been dumped.. The bars were bent, no fairings, guages, or headlight. the airbox was missing the intake boots and the engine looked like no one ever took care of it..

First thing was to see if the Engine was even any good. Popped the top, Adjusted the valves (sort of) and tried some starting fluid. Fired up but made a horrible banging noise.. Off to internet.. While figuring out if it was the clutch basket or rod I discovered the valve seats on PRE 94 engines..

Ebay here I come!!! Well craigslist list too..

I figured out the costs of parts and weighed it against just finding another bike.. It could be streetfightered for around $800 or another bike for $1500.. Well Streetfighter it is!!

First off get rid of the old motor.

Found one on ebay for $375 with about 15000 miles plus it was close enough for me to go get it and save on the shipping.

Ordered a headlight ($20 shipped) Stock guages ($35 shipped) and intake boots from dealer ($18)

Next was the handlebar prob as they were both bent.. After some looking around I decide that Risers and real bars were in order. (risers and Sport bars $40)
I like the look. Its not the first time I did this to a sportbike... Painted upper tree..

Headlight bracket $20

New headlight, engine, and guages all in same weekend..

In its current state.. There is lots of work to do...

have had it running but the petcock in in the always on mode...
The rear signals will be integrated with the tail light.. Still need fuel petcock (in route), carbs cleaned, side covers, front blinkers, paint and fabricate a bracket for guages. Oh yeah Rear tire and maybe new chain and sprockets..

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