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Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:04 am
dealing with wind        

I have been riding a little bit for a couple seasons now and my biggest problem is when i get up around 55-65 mph, i feel like the wind is blowing me all around. for a while i wondered if it was that the bike was so small and light or if it was just my inexperience.

I had a friend who is a very experienced rider take it out the other day to see if he noticed it at all and he didn't so i guess its just me.

so with that said - i really want to get better - so do you guys have any good tips for dealing with wind?

Usually when i ride at high speeds, its on back country roads with big open fields on either side so i get a lot of cross wind gusts. its tricky when it seems to just come out of nowhere and smack you.

any tips woudl be appreciated.

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