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Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:26 am
anyone on did Streets of Willow? (how do you guys take turn 3)        

After exiting Turn 2, i am in 2nd gear with wide open throttle down toward Turn 3, but around halfway before the turn in point, i am already redlining. I currently have two options, with both I think are not the best approach:

1) up shift to 3rd, go deeper into the turn to build up more RPM, then brake and turn in.
2) keep throttle bouncing off the redline or hold it steady near the redline until the braking point and then turn in.

I like 2) better because I get to finish turn 3 more smoothly, with option 1), i am risking running too wide, or lack of RPM/power to carry me out of the turn should i turn in earlier.

I am running stock gearing, should I up one tooth in the front sprocket?

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