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Fri Oct 28, 2011 8:08 am
Ninja 250 front end swap (fork stiffness question)        

I'm building a Virago 750 "cafe racer" and it just so happens the 250 ninja forks/ wheel slide right up in the triple! This is great because I cut the 19" monster front wheel down to a 16" which matches the rear. Anyway I'm trying to beef up my fork stiffness to support the extra weight of the virago (it weighs almost 200 lbs over the ninja) plus my own 150 lb (with gear) bum. I've read tons of threads and want to just throw out what I'm thinking of doing before actually cutting my springs.

the idea I'm getting is to cut down the stock springs by a few mm, say 10? and then make a PVC spacer that is 10mm longer than stock in order to keep my overall spring+ spacer length the same. Then probably add some 15W oil...Or would 20W maybe work better for this application? And I'm not too sure about the amount I'll want to cut?

This could also be looked at as though I were asking what I should do to my forks to support a 350 lb rider. And I'd like a rather stiff ride as I always hated how soft my old ninja was compared to the bigger sport bike I've owned.

thanks in advance for any advice!

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