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Sun Dec 25, 2011 6:54 pm
Review of the Caswell Epoxy Gas Tank Sealer

I had bought a 2001 Ninja 250 with 203 miles on it, and had been sitting indoors/outdoors for a decade. The gas tank was extremely rusted, and needed to be replaced or re-coated. I grabbed the Caswell 2 part epoxy thanks to the guidance of those on this forum.

I am not a chemicals expert but this stuff seems to be nothing more than 2 part fiberglass resin. I am not sure if there?s anything more special about it. I?m almost wondering if some bucks can be saved by just going to a local marine shop and buying some of that?.

I followed the directions to the T for prepping the tank. When it came time to pour the stuff in my tank was still coated with rust. I emailed Coswell and asked them if this is as intended or if I should do something like the acid wash to remove the rust. They said just stick to the directions so that?s what I did.

The directions say that the kit is good for 2 coatings of a 5 gal tank. The ninja 250 tank being a bit less than 5 I planned on doing 2 applications. After mixing the first half batch and pouring it into the tank, it became apparent that the stuff was way too thick to get good coverage inside the tank. Even though the temperature was what the directions call for, in my opinion it was still too thick. After moving the tank on all axis?s for 20 min there were still large portions uncoated when I looked inside. I decided to add the other half of the mix. So I pretty much added the full kit in 1 application. There was a lot of waste when I let the excess spill out, but I feel like I got the entire inside of the tank coated when I added the 2nd half. If I were to do it again I would add the thinner like the directions call for if working in warmer temperatures, even though I was still within the working temp range. I think having the stuff being more watery would have better coated the tank and allowed me to do the 2 coatings. But when I did this I did not have the thinner on hand.

I let it dry for 2 days. The stuff dried exactly like fiberglass resin does. I really think that?s all it is. Looking inside the fill cap, everything I can see is coated. Hopefully most everything else is. I have a clear inline fuel filter after the petcock and it is very clean after the first tank. No visible rust particles at all, and that?s even with the petcock filter being pretty bad, if not worthless at this point. My only gripe about this is that it?s clear. So when looking in the tank it still looks like it?s covered in rust. If trying to sell the bike that may become an issue.

In summation: good product. Next time I would thin it for application.

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