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Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:33 pm
Deals Gap Camping Trip        

I'm considering a long-distance motorcycle tour, camping out most nights. As a test run, I'm planning a trip to The Tail. The purpose is to try out "living on a motorcycle" for a few days. My idea is to ride the machine out to the mountains in one or two days, spending a day or two there in the mountains playing on The Tail and enjoying whatever else is in the area, and ride home. Will probably take place during a week to avoid weekend traffic on The Tail. I plan on being in the mountains about two days, not counting transit time to and from, 4 days total.

I'm traveling from Central NC. Would be fine meeting up with folks along the way and riding up together or meeting in the mountains.

I haven't set a date yet. I've got to outfit myself and the machine for the trip. No later than Halloween.

Experience level: It's a multi-day motorcycle excursion to Deals Gap. This probably shouldn't be your first long-distance ride. Part of the excursion is to test out a camping system, so I won't be sharing a room.

Any takers?

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