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Sat Jun 08, 2013 8:44 pm
Report: My first two oil changes        

In the hope of helping someone else avoid trouble and buy the right tools and parts, here (minus explicatives) is my tale. Confused

When I bought the bike I knew I was going to do the accelerated, Motoman-style break-in, so while at the dealer I bought two oil filters (Kawasaki 16097-0004) and two crush washers (12mm x 22mm x 2mm). Because it was a screw-on filter I also bought an oil filter socket (Imperial brand, model IF-6714) so I could correctly torque the replacement filter. A Youtube video showed that a socket extension is needed to reach the filter, so I bought a 10" extension (3/8" size). The extension cost only $12, and is the perfect length for this job. A 17mm socket is needed for the drain bolt. My Craftsman click-style torque wrench (0-250 inch pounds) has enough range to torque the drain bolt (14.5 ft-lbs, 174 in-lbs) and the filter (12.9 ft-lbs, 155 in-lbs).

The FAQ has info about how to do an accelerated break-in. I did the first change at about 20 miles/30km, and the second at 80 miles/130km. I went out in the early AM when the roads would be clear (I live smack in the middle of a big city), and ran the bike continually up & down through the gears, keeping the RPMs up and riding it like I stole it. It took me one ride to get it to 20 miles, and two more rides to reach 80 miles. The next (third) oil change will happen when the dealer does the first service at 600 miles/1000 km.

The drain bolt loosened up easily. I knew from the web that the original filter is a bear to get off, and mine was so tough that the filter socket wouldn't hold it. The socket was slipping around the outside of the filter. After trying a couple of other approaches I finally solved the problem by cutting four strips of duct tape (about 1" by 5"). With the socket in place, and reaching in there from the front with one hand - a gesture that seemed sort of like helping a cow give birth - I wrapped these by feel over the joint between the filter and the socket. Then I grabbed the filter and socket together with one hand, squeezed hard, and turned the ratchet with the other hand. Finally the filter broke loose. By this time I was some cheesed off. Next time I'm by the auto place I'll check for a filter socket that seems tailored to a better fit; the Imperial socket is fairly thick metal, but the interior facets that grip the filter are somewhat rounded. (The Imperial is ok for this bike from now on because a properly-torqued filter is much easier to remove. Someone on the web quipped that the Kawi factory must be installing oil filters with an impact wrench.)

It's easy to change the oil with the bike on the kickstand. For this job, there's no need for spools and a rear stand - though those are nice to have for lots of other tasks. (If buying spools, one web poster says to avoid KTM spools. These are 10mm, but are not fine-thread. Yoshimura spools for the 250R are fine-thread and will work. These are alloy, and can be ordered from Amazon.)

The position of the drain hole is perfect, and there's no chance oil will get on the inside of the fairing. It the old crush washer doesn't come off when the drain bolt is unscrewed, or fall into the oil pan later, just pull it off with your fingers after the oil drains. When the flow stopped I tilted the bike upright for a minute or two, then leaned it back on the stand, and a fair bit more oil came out. When the flow stopped a second time, tilting the bike a second time didn't produce any more oil.

The filter has to be removed from the front (turn the front tire to get room to work), and it drips on the exhaust pipes on the way out. (This creates some alarming smoke when the bike is fired up next!) For the second oil change, once the filter was loose and nearly unscrewed I reached in with a plastic bag and dropped it in there as it came off.

Refilling takes 2.2L (2.3 US qt), so three bottles are needed. Before screwing the new filter on I dipped a finger in the waste oil and smeared it on the rubber seal of the new filter.

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