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Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:27 am
Snake oil? Nope, not this time.        

OK, so I don't normally "push" products since there always seem to be someone else who had an experience opposite of mine. But in this case, I was so fantastically pleased I had to share.

A lot of people have headlights that are hazy and oxidized. And like many of those people, I've tried the one dose "guaranteed" products, just wipe on and BAM! clear headlights. And, like anyone else who has tried those, I've been severely disappointed. For my truck, I simply bought a new pair of headlights. At $75 shipped, it was a good investment. HOwever, for my car, each headlight was going to run $289 from a non-OEM provider. Then I remembered - A few months ago I wa sat AutoZone and I had store credit. For something like $20 or so bucks, I picked up the Turle Wax headlight restoration "system". I was encouraged because the system used a process similar to one that the guys on one of my "gearhead" weekend shows used to restore some taillights on an old truck. So I figured WTF, why not.

This past weekend, having discoverd the cost of "just replacing" the headlights on the car, I decided to dig out the kit and try it out. 10 minutes of digging and I finally found it. To ensure the greatest chance of success, I actually read the instructions. Step 1 was to use the "lens clarifying" compound, which did not work. So I'm thinking crap - this is just like everything else. Step 2 was "Clarifying compound didn't work? Then move on to the REAL solution."

Bottom line is there are 4 stages, all involving (essentially) sanding away the grit. Level 1 removes the majority of hte crap, level 2 smooths it out and removes additional crap, levels 3 and 4 polish out the scratches from levels 1 and 2. Followed by reapplication of the clarifying compound to finish it off. For good measure, I also applied a good coat of Plexus after I got the car washed.

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