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Wed Mar 06, 2013 1:31 am
06 ex250 streetfighter project        

Hey guys, I've been having a ball lurking this forum, ohhing and ahhing at the awesome 250 projects. I've decided it's about time I share mine! Some ideas/mods I used were found here in this thread, and may look a little familiar. What started as a $5 fender eliminator (4 angle brackets and nuts/bolts) has quickly plunged into a full on streetfighter conversion (that is still in progress!)

This is is the bike the day I get her (about a month ago), fresh off the tie downs. Obviously not cared for exceedingly well. Cracked fairing/missing signals/mirror etc..Also it had almost no oil in it when I went to look at it. Also, during this project when I was picking the bike apart, i noticed that the airbox wasn't even affixed to the carbs. Wow. Basically the epitome of a kid's ragged out 250. No surprises there.

your average run of the mill college kid's 250, factory flame decals and all

You call that a tire? I call that a liability.

Being a broke and impatient college student, I have been on a very tight budget and have tried (and succeeded so far - with the exception of tires) to find all of my parts locally to avoid the grueling insanity-inducing delay that is shipping time. That being said, I think this project is coming along quite nicely for my first bike. (yup - noob rider here).

The first thing I did to the bike was throw together an attempt at a cheap, DIY fender eliminator. I got all the parts (4 angle brackets) at Lowe's for around $5. I unbolted and removed the stock fender and bolted on the angle brackets in some holes that were previously used to secure the fender. It's hard to see in the picture, but I used the stock turn signals. I just took them off the flexi-mount things, and secured them via 2 angle brackets on either side of the bike. The other angle brackets faced backwards and served as the mount for the license plate. Then, I ordered new tires. Here's a low quality snapshot in a parking garage on campus, next to another ninjette. (Which is in like new condition, I only spied 6k on the odometer)

Next on my list was to get rid of the rear plastics to expose the frame of the bike. In fact, the reason I was set on the ninja as my first bike is because i saw a streetfighter ninja on craigslist. It looked nothing the stock 250's 80s robocop sportbike getup, which I think is pretty ugly to be honest. (For those interested - ]here's a pic of the craigslist bike that inspired me)

So, I yanked off the rear plastics and removed the inner fender thing (boy, that was tough). This is when I noticed that my airbox was not even attached to the air intake on the carbs. Boy, getting those boots to slip back on the carbs was the most infuriating thing i've ever delt with. Had to boil the darn things just to get them flexible enough to slip on. Anyway, with the rear plastic fairing thing gone, i re-mounted the tail light with the stock mount turned upside-down. I took the angle brackets that I used for my fender eliminator and attached them to where the bungee hooks mounted. Slapped on my turn signals and and bent them into place. Also I got some gutter-guard from lowe's and pseudo-fabricated a cover for those ugly electronics. (spray-painted black, of course) Here's the bike at that point in time.

Notice the god awful looking stock tail light jutting out like a hang nail. Not to mention the embarrassing turn signal setup...

Soon enough I decided that that the rear profile (ass - if you will) of the bike was too humiliating to ride around with anymore. I needed a new tail light, and i needed it quick, if I was still gonna try and impress that one girl from my english class. Hopped over to the local autozone to take a looksie at their light selection. I found a pretty good sized tail light for only $6. Also found some little semi-truck markers ($5 each) that would serve as decent turn signals. Figured out the mounting situation for the brakelight pretty quick (angle brackets are god) and mounted the "turn signals" on the rear bungee hooks. Got everything wired up correctly (thanks how-to) and it's looking pretty fly. Here's pics of the bike as of now, march 6th

Plans for the future
?Need to get rid of that front fairing. While at autozone getting my brake light, I bought a set of fog lights that I plan on using as my headlight. Going to get those on as soon as I figure out something to mount them with. Here's some foreshadowing: It will probably include angle brackets.

planning on keeping the stock gauges until I can afford a digital all in one style gauge setup. Anyone have any experience with those crappy looking Chinese speedos on ebay?
Like this:

also i'll possibly go to LED turn signals once I take the time to read the LED FAQ. Any DIY minimal cost/effort ways to make the bike DIY friendly? Perhaps wiring an appropriate resistor in with the leds will solve some issues? If I wire in a LED in parallel to the tail light, would that make any difference?

Thanks for reading my project, and stay tuned for updates. Constructive criticism and any suggestions are highly appreciated! Also, If you have any questions about any of the mods or want a more thorough explanation of something, just ask!

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