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Sun Jun 14, 2015 11:25 am
Final Preps        

Mentally I'm ready to ride ... in fact if we could start today i'd go. However, I've been out of the country for the better part of the last six weeks and haven't completed the bike preps. So this weekend all the fluids are being changed and i'll tear the rear end off and clean/lube it, replace the chain ... it doesn't need it but a new chain will give me piece of mind.

i've changed my maintenance philosophy for 2015 ... i don't plan on doing any, other than topping off the oil and changing the rear tire at checkpoint one.

Even though the Metzler FeelFree's lasted the distance in 2013, I rode a hole in them during BTR '14. My best guess is the rear is good for 10K safely. anything over that I'm riding on borrowed time. The current rear has about 3K on it so it'll make the first leg easy. I can stage all my large items (wheels and tools) in ABQ at Rally HQ which will make the change relatively easy.

i've got my packing down to just essentials and have increased my camel back from a 2L to a 3L unit. I ran low on water one or two days in '13. Only one time that it concerned me ... riding through Nevada. The new camel back has more storage so i'll have room for a pari pants ... no need to walk around the motel in a towel when doing laundry at he mandatory rests.

It'd be great to see some 250's at the start other than mine so come on out if your in the area.

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